Math Cave


Why we created Math Cave: As the pandemic hit the world with no warning, everyone was forced to drop everything and stay at home. Staying at home was tough for everyone but it was especially harder on the little ones. They find it hard to understand what a pandemic is and being told what to do all the time can make them grumpy. After hearing multiple families complain about the stresses both the children and family face, we decided to do something about it. Our purpose was to engage the children in meanigful learning by creating fun math games. Using our background knowledge in computer science, we decided to explore ways we could put our coding experience to use and thus created these fun math games. We know this is not a permanent solution, but we hope kids can find joy in these math games during these difficult times.

Aarush Das

Aarush Das is a rising junior at Flower Mound High School with a passion in robotics. He has been a dedicated member for more than 6 years and through this process was awarded the Dean’s List award, one of the most prestigious awards in the robotics world. Along with being an excellent worker in robotics, he enjoys playing the guitar, cello, and acting in plays. Aarush hopes the kids that play these games enjoy them as much as he did making them!

Drishti Das

Drishti Das is a rising senior at Flower Mound High School with a passion in dance. She has been dancing for 9 years and loves to learn the different types. Along with dance, Drishti is passionate about spreading awareness on mental health and even started a club, Project Wellness, to educate her peers. She enjoyed learning more about coding through these games and hopes the kids enjoy!